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Let's collaborate

You have clients willing to sale properties with tourist licenses?

You want to give them the best option?

Your relationship with the owners and our specialisation in the SALES of properties with tourist rental licenses is our ¡Win/Win synergy!

We specialise in the sales of properties with tourist licenses in Ibiza

Ibiza wedding photographer-167.jpg
We are the meeting point for buyers looking for properties with tourist rental licenses.

We completely control the sales process

Ibiza wedding photographer-10.jpg
We manage and control all the administrative, marketing and legal works for the owner from valuation, marketing to viewings and closing of the sales. The owner can relax.

We never work alone

Always with a network of trusted real estate agencies specialised in the market of the property

Fond Ibiza.jpg
After 13 years working in real estate on Ibiza, we are able to work with all the leading real estate agencies on the island, multiplying the probabilities of selling the property.

What about your commission?

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We want a long term relation with you, so we implemented a commission system for you. Let's meet and speak.
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